My Favorite Things: The Epilator

I have something to share with you.

Ok ladies….who hates shaving?

WOW– nice to know we are all in agreement.

See, I was “blessed” with dark almost black hair and as a kid, it was super embarrassing to have dark hair on my legs.  You start shaving and then you never stop.  You start waxing, which is super expensive, and you never stop.epilatorMeet my new friend- the Epilator!  Remember years back hearing about the “Epilady”?  Well, technology has changed and I decided to buy one.

The first time I used it – not the most pleasant experience. But I am used to the quick “pull” of the hair from years of waxing so this was easy to get used to. Legs- Yes! Underarms- Yes! Other places – probably more painful but why not! It can be used wet or dry, is easy to clean and the price cannot be beat compared to what I spent for waxing.  Summer present for yourself?


The Hairdryer Brush

I have something to share with you.

I hate giving up three hours a week just to dry my hair.

revlondryerbrushMeet the Revlon hair dryer brush.  My hair is super thick and drying my hair takes HOURS.  But this makes the whole process bearable.  No, it doesn’t get my hair stick straight BUT it does dry it faster than ever.  I can use my flat iron to smooth and straighten and I get another 45 minutes back in my day for the other important things, like laundry and dishes!

And, if you have a daughter, it makes it super easy to dry their hair too!  This is definitely coming with me when I travel!


Ready for the Rain

I have something to share with you. 

Chances of showers 100%.  Heavy rain. Storms will extend into tonight.

kamikAnd I am ready. FINALLY. for years I could not find a rain lot that fit well AND was comfortable. I started with Hunter. All the girls had those. Nope. My feet barely stayed in. Then tried the others at DSW. Same problem- they didn’t fit or they were super ugly. Then I saw a simple boot in black with a buckle. Kamik. A Canadian brand.

Thoughts- the rain boots were true to size(i’m a 7), super comfortable, stayed on my feet, and the price point was awesome(around $70).  They have numerous options and yes, I stuck with black.  Plus they sell them at DSW, online at Zappos and numerous other retailers.

Fast forward months later, and I bought a second pair of Kamik boots(size 8), this time for the snow.



The Must Have shirt in your closet

I have something to share with you.

We all have that one shirt in our closet that we grab to wear to work when we are running late, need to throw something on for a quick dinner out or just something to wear to complete the never-ending to-do list.  I now have three of them and yes, they are all the same shirt.

Head to Nordstrom and buy the Pleione Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic.  It’s only $58 (and some colors are less) and comes in numerous colors.  It is great for spring since the sleeves button up and can be layered with a cami underneath or with a cardigan on top.  I have burgundy, black and a shade of orange…and wear at least one of them every week!

image image